Here is the list of bridges and tunnels between islands or islands and the mainland. We need to cross each of these once and, unless it’s physically impossible to do otherwise, once only. Riker’s Island for instance, which has only one way on or off,  is a must have, largely because it’s a bridge that few of the natives ever do, or even know about, and of course cos it’s an island full of the criminally insane. In most other cases we’ll always be able to get a ferry if it’s topologically impossible to do otherwise. There are also other must-walk-along structures, such as the High Line (there may be others, please let us know). And I’m certain there’s a load of other errors in the details of these bridges. How many rail tunnels are there under Roosevelt Island ?.

There’s a rail bridge off Staten Island, near Geothal’s. If anyone has any information about how we may or may not traverse that, please tell us. We have covered some of Jamaica Bay, just because the “subway” goes all the way, and the road bridge back off Rockaway Island is named after a baseball hero, and is another of these funky elevator bridges. What better reason could we need ?. There may also be other bridges which don’t actually span the East, Harlem or Hudson but are never the less noteworthy in their own right. If you’ve got any suggestions we’d love to hear them.

I’ve stuck the service codes for the railways that go over tunnels and bridges. I need to do the same for buses over the road crossings, and identify the no-commercial-traffic crossings. I’m currently undecided about these if they can’t be walked. We may stick them into a separate rent-a-wreck day where we hire a station wagon and tackle the traffic.

Road Bridges

Manhattan → Bronx

1. Henry Hudson  (toll)              No bus but does have pedestrian walkway

2. Broadway (also rail)              MTA Bus  Bx7  (every 10 mins)  Bx20  (peak hours only)

3. University Heights                 MTA Bus  Bx12           ( every 10 mins or less during day. Limited stop Selectbus?)

4. Washington                             MTA Bus Bx11  (every 10 mins or less) Bx13 (10 mins or less) Bx 36 (7 mins or less)

5. Alexander Hamilton              No bus, no walkway

6. Macomb’s Dam                        MTA Bus  Bx6                 (every 6 mins or less during day)

7. 145th Street                                MTA Bus Bx19                 (every 10 minutes or less during day)

8. 138th Street (Madison Avenue)      MTA Bus Bx33        (every 20 mins or less during day)

9. 3rd Avenue                                  MTA Bus Bx15  (westbound)     (Every 10 minutes or less during day)

10. Willis Avenue                           MTA  Bus  Bx15 (eastbound)

Manhattan → Long Island

11. Robert F Kennedy Bridge (toll, this is actually 3 bridges)   Complicated !

Manhattan – Wards/Randalls only          MTA Bus  M35     (Every 15 mins)

Manhattan – Wards/Randalls – Queens   MTA  Bus M60   (Every 9 mins or less during day)

Bronx – Wards/Randalls – Manhattan      MTA Bus BxM1  BxM2 BxM6 BxM7  BxM7A BxM9 BxM10 BxM11 BxM18

12. Queensboro Bridge (via Roosevelt Island)     MTA bus  Q32  Q60 Q101

13. Williamsburg (also rail)    No MTA bus

14. Manhattan (also rail)        No MTA bus

15. Brooklyn (no service)          No MTA bus

Manhattan → New Jersey

16. George Washington  (toll)       NJ Transit buses  171  178  181  182  186 188 and others (major schedule revision due 25/6/2011)

Queens → Roosevelt

17. Roosevelt Island                                       MTA bus Q102   (every 30 mins or less during day)

Brooklyn → Rockaway Island

18. Marine Parkway Gil Hodges (toll)       MTA bus Q35    (every 15 mins or less during day)

19. Cross Bay Veterans (toll)                         MTA bus Q21  Q53  QM16 QM 17

Queens → Bronx

20. Bronx-Whitestone (toll)                          MTA bus Q44 (Every 9 mins or less. Limited stop) Q50 (Every 30 mins)

21. Throgs Neck (toll)                                      Adirondack Trailways  3 per day in each direction Long Island – Albany

Brooklyn → Staten Island

22. Verrazano-narrows Bridge                      MTA Bus   x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 x7 x8 x9 x10 x11 x12 x14 x15 x17 x19 x31 x42 S53 S79 S93

Staten → New Jersey

23. Bayonne  (toll)    MTA Bus S89  (Peak hours only but in both directions)

2 4. Goethal’s                                                       MTA Bus  x17 x22 x23 x24 x30 x31

25. Outerbridge Crossing                                  No bus?  No walkway?

Total 25

Road Tunnels

Manhattan → Long Island

26. Brooklyn Battery Tunnel (toll)   MTA Bus x1 x2 x3 x4 x27 x27B x28 x28B

27. Queens Mid Town Tunnel (toll)     MTA Bus  lots of

Manhattan → New Jersey

28. Holland Tunnel (toll)                              NJ Transit Bus 120 (Peak hours only and tidal).

29. Lincoln Tunnel (toll)                               MTA Bus                                                NJ Transit Bus

Total 4

Rail Bridges

Brooklyn → Rockaway Island

30. Jamaica Bay Island (dont know name, it carries route A on the subway to roackaway beach)

Manhattan → Long Island

31. Williamsburg (J,M,Z)

32. Manhattan (B,D,N,Q)

Queens → Riker’s Island

33. Francis Buono Bridge  –   MTA Bus Q100   (Every 12 minutes or less during day)

Manhattan → Bronx

34 Spuyten Duyvil Swing Bridge – AmTrack

35 Park Avenue Bridge.  Harlem to Yankees, or Melrose (Metro North).

36 Broadway Bridge – 215th Street to Marble Hill (1)

Bronx → Queens

37. Hell Gate to Randal’s Island (Amtrak)

Staten → New Jersey

38. single track, presumably freight only,  north of Goethal’s road

Total 8

Rail Tunnels

Manhattan → Long Island

39 Bowling Green to Borough Hall (4,5)

40 South Ferry to Court Street ( R )

41 Wall Street to Clark Street (2,3)

42 Fulton Street to High Street (A,C)

43 East Broadway to York Street (F)

44 1st Avenue to Bedford Avenue (L)

45 Vernon Blvd & Jackson Ave to Grand Central & 42nd St (7)

46 Penn – Woodside (LIRR)

47 Lexington & 59th to Queensboro (N,Q,R)

48 Lexington & 63rd to 21st & Queensbridge (F)

Manhattan → Bronx

49. 125th to 138th Street (5)

50. 125th to  3rd Avenue/138th Street (6)

51. 125th to 149th/Grand Concourse (4)

52. 135th Street to 149th Street/Grand Concourse (2)

53. 145th Street to Tremont Ave (D)   Part time service

54 145th Street to Yankee Stadium (B)

Manhattan → New Jersey

55. North River (Amtrak & NJT)

56. Uptown Hudson Tubes (PATH)

57. Downtown Hudson Tubes (PATH)

Total 19


Manhattan → Bronx

58 High Bridge (aqueduct with path)

Manhattan → Ward’s

59. Wards island

Total 2

Cable cars

Manhattan → Roosevelt

60.  Roosevelt Island Tramway

Total 1


61. High Line, west downtown Manhattan.

  1. DaveW says:

    Has City Island been written off?

  2. Lester says:

    Hmf, bit out of the way, no rail, only one way in or out, I cant see a handy ferry to Queens. Looks delightful (damning criticism). Unless that bridge was built by the Pilgrim Fathers it’s looking debatable. Throgs Neck I think is one of these “no commercial traffic” zones, so we’ll see. I’m tempted to leave all those off the plan then see what a rent-a-wreck traversal of these would take to do them all in one go.
    I’m going to have to do some w*rk for the next few days. When I get back we need all the proposed itinerary components to have timing estimates, both for journey and changeover time based on maximum possible gap between services and a reasonable platform-to-platform estimate. I’m going to stick them in a spread sheet, so any journeys covering more than one bridge I’ll split up. That way we can sort on “bridge crossed” and work out if we’ve missed or duped anyone.

  3. DaveW says:

    W*rk. That’s a tough break. I’ll have a go at some journey and changeover times meantime.

    • Lester says:

      I think we should separate the “no commercial traffic” crossings, and work them into an addendum for an optional rent a wreck day. All the tunnels will have at least two bores, so we can back track if required. A road ferry though should be executed of one exists within reach. So rephrase the problem to “using only public transport, or shanks’s pony”.

  4. DaveW says:

    I’ve done a bit of work on which buses use different crossings and a few other odds & sods and sent you an e-mail. A couple of thoughts arose while putting this together. Should combined road/rail bridges such as Williamsburg count as 1 or 2?
    Public transport services are significantly reduced on a lot of routes on Sundays. Sunday might be a better day for driving if the rent a wreck option is exercised.

    Should there be a prominent list somewhere on this site of questions that still require an answer just in case anybody who knows about these things stumbles across it?

    Perhaps a home page link to “The Seven Bridges of Konigsberg”

    • Lester says:

      yeah, sunday occurred to me also. We’re going to have to go for weekdays, apart from anything else, this whole urban experience thing works much better on a work day for obvious reasons, You get up nice and early, do a couple of hours “work” experiencing the rush-hour revving up, and then when it’s hit saturation point you call a time-out and have an over sized breakfast somewhere and watch it all whizz by, then hit the rails again.
      you have edit rights, you’re an admin, but I’ll do the eds, i dont mind.

  5. DaveW says:

    What me do edits! I’m still trying to work out how Bookface functions. I’d be terrified of wrecking something.

  6. DaveW says:

    Mark – No crossing 33 on revised list. Will this cause a problem on spreadsheet later? At present no Francis Buono Bridge (Rikers Island) is listed.

    • Lester says:

      both need fixing.

      • DaveW says:

        There are 3 crossings right up at the North east side of the Bronx. Just north east of Pelham Bay Park Subway station. Quite close to City Island as it happens.

        Pelham Bridge Road, Hutchinson River Parkway and a rail bridge in between these 2 which is on the line out to New Rochelle so would be covered.

        Pelham Bridge Road carries some MTA bus services , Hutchinson River Parkway doesn’t – I think that it is height restricted.

        Should these be in?

  7. Lester says:

    these are just river bridges, though they are all funky elevator bridges (I think Hutchinson river pkwy is a “draw” bridge, which I’ve just discovered is actually called a bascule bridge). But we cant be doing all the river bridges, not in 2 weeks let alone 2 days.
    i think there are no buses on hutchinson anyway, it’s a full on free way and it just goes through a golf course before hitting route 95 again.

  8. DaveW says:

    I think that the list is missing a Manhattan – Queens rail tunnel. Lexington/53rd to Court Square Line E (M part time).

  9. Lester says:

    yes, i think it is, it was only when I zoomed in did I realise there is a tunnel as well as a road/rail bridge. Oh, is it part-time, there’s that orange one up the top end of the harlem also then if we’re doing them. I guess we should list them for completeness, I’ve done the 3 green ones at the bottom of the harlem which actually diverge under the river according to the map.
    did you get anywhere with tidal bus routes ?. These are going to be devilishly difficult to synch up effectively with I would guess, but damn cool if we can all the same. I’m amazed there isnt a scheduled service over that outer-crossing, the railway goes the length of the island, it’s a no brainer to link up with the mail line railway shirley.

  10. DaveW says:

    I don’t think we need to worry about part time on this latest tunnel as the E runs 24 hour and the M runs 5 a.m to midnight.

    “there’s that orange one up the top end of the harlem also then if we’re doing them”

    Is that the one listed as C53? I think it is used tidally by the D during peak hours only. The MTA schedule for the D line does not seem to define peak hours but does quote this

    “D trains typically operate local in the Bronx, express in Manhattan, and
    local in Brooklyn. But please note that Bronx rush hour trains operate
    express (peak direction ONLY), and Brooklyn trains operate express
    along the 4th Avenue segment (all times except late nights).”

    Tunnel C51 Green line 4 appears to be tidal and peak hours only as well. The schedule lists this as between about 6.45 and 8.45 a.m southbound and 4.45 and 6.15 p.m. northbound.

    I’m still working on the express buses out to Staten island and back via N J. This would kick off at about 3.30 p.m. and go well into the evening. Details to follow.

    I’m not sure that I share your optimism regarding the Outerbridge Crossing. I’ve typed in all sorts of questions and the nearest I’ve come to a positive answer is that there are sometimes coaches to Atlantic City put on by the Casino operators. I can imagine what sort of response a request to get off after a couple of miles would elicit. It is not even clear which route these use.

    As you can probably tell I am not too gifted IT wise and would like to be able to work on this with a dining room table size surface wipe map and some felt tip pens but I suspect that might lead to domestic unpleasantness. No doubt your programme will take all of this in its stride and cough out a perfect solution in milliseconds.

  11. DaveW says:

    Moved this to routes where it belongs and just finished it off a bit better.

  12. Lester says:

    there’s no computer on earth right now that can work out what we’re trying to do, partly because it’s not a very well defined problem e.g., we dont want to spend 6 hours on the sub-way all at once, mix it up a bit please etc,. though OTP might be able to give it a go it in the future. I shall though get the mapping done, it will takes ages, but then you will be able to see the route, even fly along it in google earth!. . It’s a very difficult problem so I think the best way is to put together a series of viable and interesting sub routes, then see how any of them can be pieced together, work out which we’ve missed and adapt from there.

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