We’ll stick any unresolved questions we have in here. I’ve added a couple but we’ll have loads.

1. Is there any way of getting the rail bridge that runs off Staten Island ?

2. Can you walk the whole length of the remaining High Line ?.

3. What’s the latest estimated time of completion for High Bridge aqueduct renovation and re-opening of the footpath ?.

4. Is there any form of public transport that uses the Outerbridge Crossing from Staten Island to New Jersey (or reverse)?

  1. Lester says:

    I’ve changed “problem” to “crossings”, and added this page, try and edit this one with any stuff you cant find out, you cant possibly do anything wrong. we’ve got a decent enough site now that we can go ask the straphangers, but Id like to be able to interact so i’ll leave it a few days yet.

    • DaveW says:

      Ok. So how do I log on as an admin? I haven’t worked out how to do that yet.

      • Lester says:

        you shpould already be logged on, have you got your hat in the top left ?. if so there should be an edit option along the top of the page also. if not go to just and log in at the top.

      • Lester says:

        hang on, you arent an admin yet, i need to invite you again

      • Lester says:

        tis done, try now. reload the page.

        Indeed it is. I clicked on the the thing that looks like a VW badge and hey!

      • Lester says:

        good oh. all the pages have roll back, so if you zap a load of stuff by some accident it’s not an issue.

  2. DaveW says:

    Some of the bus services are restricted hours and in some cases tidal i.e. Into Manhattan only during morning rush hours and out during late afternoon evening. A example is MTA S89 which is the only service I can find over the Bayonne Bridge and it runs peak hours only but at least in both directions. I’ll start putting notes on Crossings as I find them.

    I think I’ve found a useful link but not sure where to put it (or how to) This shows a solitary bus service (NJT 120) through the Holland Tunnel – allegedly a no commerce crossing. I checked on the NJ Transit site and it does exist but is tidal.

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