The accurate, peer reviewed sched is here

Here are the original workings, which are not accurate …


Day 1

08:13 – 08:31 New York Penn to Newark Penn
08:50 – 09:08 Newark Penn to Exchange PATH
09:19 – 09:31 Exchange to Danforth Ave
Pre arranged taxi to Port Liberte for 10:00
10:00 – 10:17 Port Liberte to Pier 11

line 4,5 to Court st

line 2,3 to Fulton
Line J then M to Myrtle / Wykcoff Avs
Line L to 14th
connect to line 1

11:20 – 12:10 Line 1  to Van Cortlandt Park
12:10- 12:20 taxi to Liebmans
13:15 Bx7 to Inwood
13:30 – 15:00 Inwood St to Broad Channel Line A
15:00 – 15:15 Broad Channel Rockaway Park shutttle.

15:25 – 16:00 Newport Ave & Beach to Flatbush ave & Ave U, Bus Q35, C18, 35 mins

16:10 – 16:30 Ave U & Flatbush to Ave U & East 16th St, Bus B3, 20 mins

16:40 – 16:50 Ave U to Coney Island, Broadway Express, Line Q (yellow) 10 mins

17:00-18:00 Do The Boardwalk

Line F Stillwell Ave to 21 St & Queensbridge, to Lexington Ave,  C41, 30 mins

Tramway to Roosevelt

Cab to Long Island Ferry point

East Ferry Long Island to Pier 11

22 trips


Day 2

lines SIR R 7 PVL 3 S MN B

9am ?

ferry  Staten Island Ferry

SIR  St George to Grasmere 10 mins

S53 clove rd/grasmere station to 46th st (brooklyn) 17 mins

Line R to jacksonville hts/roosevelt plaza

Line F to Herald Sq

Need to be here 12:00 PATH to Hoboken

Pascack Valley Line to Teterboro, need to get 12:43

1 hour lunch at Bendix 1-2:00pm

Bus 118 to GW bridge bus station  Manhattan eta 3:15

Bx11 or 13 over Harlem to High Bridge eta 3:30

Walk High Bridge

eta 4:00

Bus 98 to Harlem 4:15

Walk to Harlem Subway

Line 3 to Times sq.


Line S 42nd st shuttle to GC

GC Oyster Bar

Metro North to Yankee Stadium

Line B Back


discarded option Line R to Queensboro Plaza

Line 7 to 5th Avenue CAT 11:30

Any bus down 5th Ave to 32nd st (for 33rd St. PATH)


Day 3,

summary :  zabars and glasers for a second breakfast on ward’s island, rooselvelt tramway, union sq, cuban eatery brooklyn, manhattan bridge, parkchester then bus to flushing, corona king of ices, LIRR Brooklyn to Penn,

Lines 4,5,6 F R 7 G B,D 7 LIRR PATH


Bus 104 from Times Sq to 80th and Broadway 10 mins

Zabars Deli, get stuff 20 mins

walk to bus up to 86th

Bus 86 cross park to 1st Ave 10 mins

Glasers Bakery – get stuff 20 mins


Bus 15 up 1st Ave to 102nd 7 mins

Walk down 102 and over ward’s island ped bridge 10 mins

may be eat remaining stuff in park 20 mins

bus 35 off wards to line east harlem 10 mins

+ another a few blocks  down to malcom X 5 mins

< 11am

Line 1 all the way to Wakefield 30 mins

walk to metro north 1-0 mins

Metro North back to GC 30 mins


Line 7 court sq 10 mins

Walk to Court St Line G 10 mins

Line G – Classon Ave 10 mins

Cuban Eatery 12:30+ tp 13:30-

B52 Bus (there are others, but I’m waiting till it says B52) To Brooklyn Heights for Brooklyn Bridge, 20 mins

Cab over Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall 15 mins


Line 6 City Hall  to Parkchester 1 hour


Q44 to Flushing (23 mins, every 30)


Line 7 111st

Walk or cab to Corona King of Ices

Walk or cab back to Corona Plaza and 103rd St


Line 7 to 61st/Woodside 10 mins

LIRR to Penn C44 10 mins

Midtown ferry to Newport

Newport to WTC PATH

Do Memorial

Go find beer




discarded section from day 3

bus 35 to lexington and 125th

Line 5 to Grand concourse
Line 2 times sq

line R to Queens Broadway
Line F to Roosevelt island

Get Roosevelt Tramway

Bus Q32 back over Quuensboro bridge

get the red line, 2 or 3, from downtown MH to Atlantic Ave

Atlantic Ave (brooklyn) to 125th St (manhattan) Lexington Ave Express, line 4 or 5 (green). C37

30 mins

125th St (manhattan) to Parkchester,(bronx) to Lexington Ave Local, line 6 (green), C48,

20 mins

Parkchester (bronx) to Flushing LIRR (queens), bus Q44, C20, 32 mins

get line 7 (purple) to 111st, and then cab it t corana that we are going to get o Corona Ices, then cab it back again. it’s the closest to get and we need the LIRR into town, and flushing is the last stop. ahh we can go on to woodside ave/61st and pick up the LIRR at woodside.

Flushing Main Street (queens) to Penn (man), LIRR, C44, 20 mins

2.5 hours


Penn (man) to Rockaway Park (brooklyn) , line C (blue), C40+C30, hour

Newport Ave & Beach to Flatbush ave & Ave U, Bus Q35, C18, 35 mins

Ave U & Flatbush to Ave U & East 16th St, Bus B3, 20 mins

Ave U to Coney Island, Broadway Express, Line Q (yellow) 10 mins

Stillwell Ave to 21 St & Queensbridge, Queens Blvd Express, Line F, C41+C46, 50 mins

3.5-4 hours

Possibly do this in reverse, tagged onto the Staten island section. Could go to Cuban eatery in Brooklyn for lunch after Rockaway if we kicked off nice and early. Then do Wards island pedestrian as part of a move to the statdium for the match.


Bus 102 to Roosevelt island, C17, 15 mins

Tram to 59th & 2nd (manhattan), C58, 5 mins

Walk to Lexington & 59th 10 mins

Lexington & 59th to Queens Plaza, Broadway Local, line R (yellow), C45, 5 mins

Get bus through Midtown Tunnel

Catch Ferry from Mid town ferry E. 34 St, to Brooklyn Bridge Park

2 hours

*Walk across Brooklyn Bridge


Walk length of High Line

Bus 34 to 33rd & 6th Ave for PATH

PATH to Hoboken

NJ Transit rail to Teterboro and Bendix diner

182 bus to bus station on manhattan via GW bridge


PATH from WTC to Exchange place

walk to Paulus Hook

ferry to anywhere, but mid town is on the lincoln tunnel, and would involve a 5 mile bout trip up stream.


bus over the Washington bridge to the bus terminal, than carry straight on over the Hamilton bridge into Bronx

then walk back over the High Bridge


Penn Central to Yonkers, Amrtak, we need an 08:15 out of Penn

Yonkers to Grand Central, Metro North using  Park Avenue Bridge. get 09:00

arrive GC @ 09:34


Grand Central to New Rochelle, Metro North,

New Rochelle to Penn station by Amtrak via Hell Gate Bridge


Staten island ferry 30 mins

SIR  St George to Grasmere 10 mins

S53 clove rd/grasmere station to 46th st (brooklyn) 17 mins

Probably take 1 1/2 hours


Penn to Secaucus on some commuter 10 mins

Secaucus to Hoboken – 10 mins

The get to HBLR to Port Imperial and the ferry 15 mins

NY Waterways ferry to Pier 11 – Wall St. 30 mins

say 1.5 hours


Glazers Bakery, 1st Ave and 87th

M15 up 1st ave to 102nd St

Wards Island Bridge pedestrian

M35 from sunken garden loop to lexington ave/125 st

  1. DaveW says:

    Here’s a suggestion for the Manhattan NewJersey bit.

    Penn Station (NY) – Newark (Penn Station) by Amtrak/NJ Transit train via North River Tunnel (travel time 18-20 mins)

    Newark (Penn Station) – World Trade Centre by PATH via Downtown Hudson Tubes (travel time 22 mins)

    WTC – Newport PATH Station by taxi via Holland Tunnel (travel time 30 mins?)

    Newport – 33rd Street (Manhattan) by PATH via Uptown Hudson Tubes ( 14 mins)

    Subway to Port Authority Bus Terminal (10 mins?)

    Port Authority Bus Terminal – GWB Plaza (NJ) by NJ Bus 158 via Lincoln Tunnel (35 mins)

    GWB Plaza – George Washington Bridge Bus Station (Manhattan) by NJ Bus 181 (5 mins)

    Total travel time around 2 hrs 16 mins. Waiting time 1 h 30 mins ?

    Plusses – Meets Herr Professor Euler’s requirements

    Minusses – No ferry crossing ( how important is this?) No trip on the Bergen- Hudson Light Rail

    Potential Problem – Can we persuade a cabby to leave New York’s Financial District for Nowhere, NJ?

    • Lester says:

      havent been through it but does it cover the whole of the river ?. we can always add a ferry and get the bergen hudson as part of getting a train right round to the other side of staten.

      • DaveW says:

        I think it covers all of the must does between Manhattan and NJ but perhaps needs revisiting to see if we can build in the Staten Island – NJ crossing.

  2. DaveW says:

    I’m pretty sure that the New Rochelle- Penn Station trip via Hell Gate also uses the LIRR tunnel under the East River so 2 for the price of 1.

    Bad news is that there are only 5 or 6 trains a day on the Amtrak routes.

    The best schedule I could work out is

    8.30 Penn Station to New Rochelle arr 8.57 Amtrak $26.00 single !
    9.05 New Rochelle to Harlem arr 9.28 Metro North $ 15.00 single
    9.30 Harlem to Yonkers arr 9.51 Metro North $15.00 single
    10.04 Yonkers to Penn Station arr 10.35 Amtrak $15.00 single

    Pretty hairy connections. The next Yonkers-Penn train is at 13.04. The metro North trains are half hourly. If it worked it would get two of the most difficult bags sorted for only just over 2 hours used. If not would need a really big sudoku book.

  3. DaveW says:

    “Penn (man) to Rockaway Park (brooklyn) , line C (blue), C40+C30, hour”

    In your route listings (example above) there are references to various C numbers (such as C40+C30).

    Are these crossing numbers from the list in Problem?

  4. Lester says:

    yes they are. I’ll split trips with more than one bridge up into multiple sections so I can put them all in a spread sheet.
    i’ve edited the numbers (healed out 33a and fixed an error). it’s a pain cos we keep discovering them and then have to fix the routes to effect any number changes. but a coding system means you cant easily spot missing ones.
    for the williamsburg and any others, we can do them both ways, rail and road, if we want. on the ndia trip i declded that it’s within the rules to only do any of the extremities with only one line (jamnagar-dwarka, jammu-udhampur, tinsukia-ledo, nagrcoil-kanniyakumari) just one way, but at least one way, by rail.

    feel free to come up with other ways of doing east river, I’m still missing a bunch of the crossings anyway,. i just wanted to see how long it would take if we did sweeps rather than going embankment to waterloo and back all day.. getting these services that go brooklyn, manhattan, queens is fun and you get two crossing obviously for one backside movement.
    also, i cant believe there isn’t public transport over that outer-crossing thing off staten, it’s not like it’s got any local competition for it to be no commerical.

  5. Lester says:

    and re the metro-north and amtrak stuff for west side and hell’s etc, isn’t there’s some saver ticket for the metro at least, also we could go do something else from harlem and come back later, or even the next day if there’s no financial benefit otherwise.

  6. DaveW says:

    I was looking at the Staten Island connections. There are express buses from Lower Manhattan that pick up both the Battery-Brooklyn Tunnel and the Verrazano narrows Bridge on the same trip lasting about an hour.. Also Express buses Midtown Manhattan to Staten via Lincoln Tunnel and Goethal’s in one trip.

    60 + crossings in 3 days – say 45 active hours. Par is around 1.5 crossing per active hour. Subway runs all hours if desperate and generally has a higher frequency. Probably need to identify the difficult targets with limited public transport such as Hell Gate, Duyvil, Holland Tunnel etc and work out definite time slots for them . There are quite big chunks covered by frequent services – e.g Harlem River/East River where route can be planned but with more flexible timeslot.

  7. DaveW says:

    Here’s a go at the Manhattan-Bronx crossings. A bit of a war of attrition but gets a few crossings done. 10 in total.

    If all changes are maximum wait times this segment would take about 51/2 hours

    Subway line 1 to 238th St via Broadway Bridge (C2)

    Bus Bx 3 238th St to W Fordham Rd max8 mins wait 12 mins travel

    Bus Bx 12 W Fordham Rd to Inwood via University Heights Bridge (C3) max 7 mins wait 20 mins (?) travel

    Bus M100 Inwood to G W Bridge Bus Station max 10 mins wait 16 mins travel

    Bus Bx 13 G W B Bus Sta to Yankee Stadium via George Washington Bridge (C4) max 10 mins wait 28 mins travel

    Bus Bx 6 Yankee Stadium to 155th St via Macombs Dam Bridge (C6) mx 6 mins wait 7 mins travel

    Subway B 155th St to Yankee Stad/161 St Via B Subway Tunnel (C54) max wait 10 mins travel 5(?)mins

    Subway 4 Yankee Stadium to 149th/ Grand concourse max wait 4 mins travel 5 (?) mins

    Bus Bx19 149th/Grand Concourse to 145th St 145th St Bridge (C7) max wait 11 mins travel 11mins

    Subway 3 145th St to 135th St max wait 8 mins travel 3 mins

    Bus Bx33 Malcom X/135th to Lincoln 138th via Madison Avenue Bridge (C8) max wait 20 mins travel 7 mins

    Bus Bx 15 Lincoln/ 138th to 125th St 3rd Av/ 149th via 3rd Ave Bridge(C9) max wait 10 mins travel 5 mins

    Bus Bx 15 125th St to 3rd Ave/ 149th via Willis Ave Bridge (C10) max wait 10 mins travel 5 mins

    Subway 5 3rd Ave/149th to West Farms Square max wait 8 mins travel 13 mins

    Bus Q44 West farms Square to Queens via Bronx Whitestone Bridge (C20) max wait 20 mins travel time 30-60 mins depending on where in Queens

  8. DaveW says:

    Here’s a stab at Staten Island/New Jersey. The timings are quite inflexible as there are limited services across Bayonne Bridge and through Holland Tunnel. if changes worked well time could be gained towards the end of this schedule.

    7 possibly 8 crossings

    Bus MTA X12 Broadway/ Worth St Manhattan dep 3.23 p.m. to Forest Avenue Staten island arr 4.17 via Battery Bronx Tunnel (C26) and Verrazano Narrows Bridge (C22)

    Bus MTA S89 Forest Avenue (SI) dep 4.25 to 34th St Bayonne NJ arr 4,45 via Bayonne Bridge (C23)

    Bergen Hudson Lt Rail 34th St dep 4.51 to Exchange Pl arr 5.07

    PATH Exchange Pl to World Trade Centre very frequent trains 4 mins travel time via Downtown Hudson Tubes (C57)

    Walk 5 blocks north. If things are going well might be time for a beer.

    Bus NJ120 Church St dep 5.56 to Bayonne Ave C/54th St arr 6.27 via Holland Tunnel (C28)

    Bus NJ81 Ave C/54th 6.39 to Grove St 6.55

    PATH Grove St 7.14 to Penn Station Newark 7.29

    NJ Transit Train Penn Station Newark 7.41 to Penn Station Manhattan 8.00 via North River Tunnel (C55)

    Walk 2 blocks east to 33rd St PATH

    PATH 33rd St 8.22 to Hoboken 8.36 via Uptown Hudson Tubes (C56)

    Then if really keen

    HBLR Hoboken 10.07 to Bergenline Ave 10.21 ( There must be something with less of a wait than this!)

    NJ Bus 181 Bergenline Ave/49th to George Washington Bridge Bus Station arr 11.11 p.m.via George Washington Bridge (C16)

    Then Subway to Studio 54

    or Ferry back to Manhattan and ditto

    Lincoln Tunnel still to be done. Maybe different afternoon Express bus Manhattan midtown to Staten Island via Lincoln Tunnel & Goethals Bridge return to Manhattan via Staten Island ferry? Still leaves the Outerbridge Crossing to sort.

  9. DaveW says:

    Finally got a response from Trailways on the service via Throgs Neck.

    Hello, thank you for emailing Trailways. Trailways does offer service from Queens Village, 219-17 Hillside Ave to New Rochelle at the Stop 24 Grocery, 124 East Jericho Turnpike. There are three buses daily. The first bus departs Queens at 7:25 am, and arrives in New Rochelle at 7:55 am. The second bus departs at 11:00 am and arrives at 11:35 am. The last bus departs at 4:05 pm and arrives in New Rochelle at 4:35 pm. The one way fare is $5.50, round trip is $11.00. This service does go via the Throgs Neck Bridge. I hope this information is helpful. Thank you and have a great day!

  10. Lester says:

    Oarsome. Do they only go in one direction or did she take you literally when you saod form queens to bronx. anyway, we can wire this one in shirley.
    Just been driving up and down england for the last 2 days. If you are ever in the north yorks area go on the road from kirby steven to sedbergh, there’s a thing called Cautley Spout, and its divine and there’s a pub where you can have breakfast all day.

  11. Donbacsi says:

    This seems a bit New York-centric and rather tame. How about something like taking all the great American rail lines from the right coast to the left coast and back?

    • Lester says:

      yes but that would be the GCNARC, which is some time off.
      the new york thing is just a wee one, though perhaps it could be fitted into part of the american continental expedition (we’d be doing canada of course).

  12. Donbacsi says:

    Lester: If you bite into Canada, you have to decide, do we dump the Great Northern in order to take the Vancouver east run (which essentially parallels the Great Northern)?

    • Lester says:

      well, I’m not going to be sucked into this, but, convexity counts. Obviously if something more southern is something super spectacular then it may win.
      there are it seems 4, (or is that 5, does on go along the border), routes to the pacific side. if they are all get lost super specatculars, and I’ve flown over those mountains a number of times on the way to SF and it’s an immense mountain range, wel worth doing more than twice. then we wil have to weave our way up the west coast.
      there’s that railway in dever also.

  13. Donbacsi says:

    The train from San Francisco (Oakland) via Reno (eating trout in the dining car as we pulled in) to Denver is one of the most spectacular sights you will ever see in your life. As you cross the mountains in the inky black of night, you will see a tiny speck of light far below and in the distance. The train does a series of switch backs as you descend in a slow motion replica of a plane landing in Denver. It was one of the most, if not the most, exciting experiences of my train life and not to be missed!

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